Complicated periods may come in everyone's life when we have to solve difficult life situations and in many times we feel that we are alone without help or we just do not want to or we do not dare to ask for help.

If you feel like you got stuck at work or you have a seemingly unsolvable personal problem, The Employee Assistance Program experts will help you privately.

Experienced psychologists, lawyers, financial advisors, lifestyle counselors await your e-mail or your call. The counseling takes place anonymously, if you do not want, you do not have to provide your full name. Information about the employee is not disclosed to anyone, not even your employer.

Do you have a problem or challenge you need to move on with?

We can help you in the following topics:

private life issues: divorce, psychological problems (anxiety, depression, panic disorder), diseases in the family, parenting challenges, addictions (alcohol and drug abuse) and difficulties in personal life

workplace problems: stress, burnout, anxiety, sleeping disorders, work-life balance

legal issues: sale, rental, litigation, enforcement, guarantees, inheritance, succession of debt, damages, divorce and other legal issues

finances: credit, loan, , claiming CSOK, financial solutions, debt settlement, savings, family finance, household budget, etc.

health related issues: lifestyle counseling, weight management, diabetes and dietary counseling, condition assessment and creating personal training program by a personal trainer

You can find an answer to all of your questions within 2 working days by our  expert. When a critical incident occurs, we try to help immediately in the crisis situation.

If you do not have an Employee Assistance Program at your workplace yet, please tell it us, we are happy to contact the HR manager to recommend this opportunity.


You're lucky to work for a company that values the employees. Your employer thought of you and your possible difficulties, and now you have a possibility to choose from various topics where we can help you in – within your personal life and your career as well.

To join the program, click the LOGIN button!

If you are looking for only useful articles, tips from our experts, you will also find this program a good fit for you, because you will find lots of good ideas on our websites.

You can request personal /online consultation occasions available for a specific topic 5 times a year. You can call us/write us an e-mail unlimitedly.

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